Other than when I was in third grade and wanted to be a nun - it was the thing to do! - I have wanted to be a counselor most of my life. Before I was able to actually act on that dream , I went through several other careers. I have taught at the college level in two and four year institutions. During this time, I learned a great deal about patience (I didn't have any) and bureaucracies. After that, I spent 20 years managing child care centers and as the Director of Operations for a million dollar a year small business. It wasn't until I was in my 40's that I finally went back to school and became a therapist. I love what I do and am grateful to all who allow me to work with them and allow me into the corners of their heart and soul - it is such a privilege.



⯈ Master of Science - Psychology and Child Development 
⯈ Master of Arts - Counseling Psychology/Marriage and Family Counseling
⯈ 2016 Regis Counseling and Family Therapy Affiliate Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence
⯈ 2017 Regis RHCHP College Affiliate Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence

Lifelong Learner

Ongoing workshops and seminars in the areas of couple and family counseling, trauma, EMDR, EFT, anger management, the Enneagram and Relational Life Therapy

Therapist of the Year Award from the Colorado Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Therapist of the Year Award from the Colorado Association for Marriage and Family Therapy




I spend a lot of time with my kitties Snowflake and Cocoa Bentley. Both are Ragdolls and very lovey. My husband and I enjoy sailing together - it is where I get some of my best miscommunication examples! Additionally, we sing and play music together and with our friends. Singing is a wonderful outlet for me and I sing in a large choir and a four woman acapella group Besides that I hike, backpack, ski, scuba dive and love to go on vacations. I believe that each of these activities has taught me something about life, control (or our illusions about it) and what it could be like if we could live more and more as our true selves. When I come into the office, I bring these examples and lessons with me. I hope as I share them with you, together we can find a "Path with Heart".