Individual Counseling

  • Self-Esteem Enhancement

  • Grief And Loss Counseling

  • Loss of a relationship, person or pet

  • Job or career change/transition

  • Recovery from Trauma

  • Physical Or Sexual Abuse

  • Domestic Violence And/Or Rape

  • Verbal Abuse

  • Anger Management Counseling

    • Specialized training

    • EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
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    • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique 
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    • Sex Addiction Counseling (click here for more information)
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    • Brainspotting

    • Functional Neurology (click here for more information)

Couple Counseling

  • Relational Life Therapy (RLT) click here for more

  • Lifelong commitment development, relationship enhancement, and relationship difficulties

  • Codependence issues

  • Sex Addiction Counseling (click here for more information) 
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Family Counseling

  • Bringing in a parent or family members to discuss issues

  • Welcoming an aging parent to your family

  • Divorce counseling

  • Education and coaching for family members around sex addiction

Business Counseling

  • Effective Communication in the WorkplaceConflict Resolution Team building