Customized for Your Needs

Family InTENSive

For adult children wanting to create a healthy relationship with their extended family.

Couple InTENSive

One or two day intensive sessions to jump start your relationship recovery.

Free Seminars for Your Workplace


Put a SPARK in your work environment! 

Ignite yourself, your staff or fellow team members with a boost from the "outside".

Seminars are available at your workplace or service group. Each seminar is approximately one hour in length. Times for seminars can be arranged anytime between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm.


1. Effective Communication

Tips we forget

  • How to agree when you disagree 

  • Using curiosity

  • How to be specific

2. An Enneagram Introduction

  • A helpful view of the personalities you deal with each day

  • How others see the task at hand  

  • Hints on how to supervise various personality types  

3. Stress Relievers

  • Reminders of how to relax

  • Ways to remember fun in your day 

  • An hour of relaxation and fun