Information regarding the nuances of being a woman manager can be customized for you in a coaching format. We can look at the specific situations and people you face each day and develop new and more effective strategies for you to accomplish your goals and desires.Whether you are a manager of your time, your career or a company full of staff you will be able to use skills from this workshop to make your workday a more pleasant experience.

Perhaps there are several women you know - at your company or in others that would like to improve effectiveness as a manager. Don't settle for a large, impersonal, cookie-cutter type of seminar! Spend a morning in a small, intimate and conversational group of women where you can develop relationships and rely on each other for support. Since there are only three to six women * in your workshop, you are able to learn how to apply information and insight to your specific work situation.

A short format can be customized and made available at your work site.

Optional Topics:

Understanding People’s Personalities

Create a more efficient work team.
Struggling to accomplish a work task becomes a drain on you and your team. This session will help you identify communication techniques that can work more effectively based on your personality and the personality of others.

Gender Specific Conversational Rituals

It's not news that men and women communicate differently. 
There are some predictable and helpful hints available regarding the ritual styles of communication men and women employ on a daily basis. Learn how to incorporate knowledge of these rituals to help you manage your team and your personal goals for advancement.

Handling Conflict and the Art of Negotiation

The role of women has stereotypically been to avoid conflict and create harmony. 
However, conflict is important and necessary in any type of relationship - including the work place. It is important to recognize your fear of conflict and practice methods to handle conflict in a positive manner. Additionally, as women, we have not been exposed to the skills required to carry on an effective negotiation. There's no better time than the present to begin learning this skill.

***Customized classes available at your work site.
*Call and see when the next workshop can be scheduled for your small group. Since the session is customized, the date is tailored to fit the schedule of those participating in the workshop.

Workday mornings or afternoons
Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: 3035 W. 25th Avenue
Denver, CO 80211 (just north of Mile High Stadium) - directions
Or at your office site

Workshop Presenter: Dee Marcotte, MS, MA, LPC
As a director of operations of a million dollar a year company, Dee Marcotte has over ten years of extensive experience in management and work environment issues. She teaches workshops and classes on Effective Management Customer Service, Stress Management, Team Building, and Conflict Resolution. She as managed small and large groups of employees - men and women. Dee is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice in the Denver area officing at People House.


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